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  China Sporting Goods Federation (CSGF), a non-profit association, was founded in October, 1993. It is composed of companies and enterprises engaged in manufacturing, distributing, researching and user representatives of sporting goods. It has about 700 members.

  CSGF is directed and supervised by China General Administration of Sport and the Ministry of Civil Affaires. It devotes to serve the sporting goods companies, promoting their unionization, and the production and trading of sporting goods.

  The subordinate committees of CSGF include: fitness equipment committee, gym facility committee, sports equipment committee, sport apparel committee, sport shoes committee, and distribution committee.

  Aims & Objectives

  *To promote the sporting goods industry by following the constitution, laws, regulations, policies, and social morality.

  *To abide by national industry policy and perform the functions authorized by the government. To assist government to strengthen industrial management. To set up and improve industry self-discipline system in accordance with the market principle. To protect members’ legal rights and interests.

  *To extensively communicate with sporting goods companies and related enterprises and organizations from home and abroad. To serve as a bridge between the government and the enterprises. To expand the international cooperations and information communication in sporting goods industry. To take efforts to serve enterprises, industries, government, and the development of sports industry.


  *To strengthen the technological exchanges and co-operations from home and abroad. Have successfully held 30 sessions of China International Sporting Goods Show (China Sport Show) by May, 2012, initiated Beijing Marathon Expo in 2010, an excellent platform for display and sales for sporting goods.

  *To collect, analyze, and publish industry information & statistics, carry out surveys and promote the information exchanges. To provide mass industry information via World Sporting Goods Magazine and China Sporting Goods Information (both in Chinese and English). Meanwhile, CSGF has close contacts with sporting goods associations and sports-related trade show organizers for information exchanges and co-operations.

  *To involve in formulating, modifying national sporting goods standards. To assist in carrying out the quality management, brand cultivation and technological innovation, etc.

  *To expand communications with some related industrial and commercial departments of sporting goods from home and abroad, meanwhile, contact with the sporting goods industrial organizations all over the world. To introduce our sporting goods industry to the world. To assist sporting goods enterprises in broadening their international sales channels and promote Chinese sports brands.

  *To provide service on policies and regulations, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, special safeguard measures and other aspects. To communicate with government on issues concerning the interests of the industry.

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