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China Sporting Goods Federation visited FSB and the number of Chinese enterprises soared

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At the beginning of November 2017, the General Secretary of China Sporting Goods Federation Luo Jie, Deputy General Secretary Wen Jia, Director of Science and Technology Standard Department Zhang Xiaojing and other two people came to Cologne, Germany to visit FSB and Aquanale and made in-depth exchanges with the organizers.

During the exhibition, in addition to visiting and a brief meeting with some Chinese exhibitors, the visiting group of China Sporting Goods Federation also held talks with Mr. Peterson, vice president of the exhibition management from Koelnmesse. The two sides held in-depth discussions and exchanges in terms of their histories, main business sections and potential future cooperation.

As to the visiting, Luo Jie said that it is a rare opportunity to learn and make exchanges and as an industrial association, China Sporting Goods Federation will play an advantage of its external channels, strengthen interaction with overseas institutions, and actively expand overseas markets, hoping to provide more business opportunities for Chinese enterprises in overseas development; on the other hand, it can also help to enhance the professional attributes and improve services of China Sport Show.

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