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Preparatory Meeting of CSGF Wushu Professional Committee Held in Beijing

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  In order to standardize the industry and promote sustainable development of the traditional Wushu goods industry, CSGF Wushu Professional Committee held the preparatory meeting in Beijing recently. Members of the Wushu Industry Alliance from Beijing Dayehengtong Sports Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd., Hebei Shanren Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., Wujitang Sports (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Jinwu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and leaders of the CSGF attended this meeting.

  In the meeting, both sides agreed to incorporate Wushu Industry Alliance as a branch of the CSGF and set up a professional committee.At present, 12 Wushu goods enterprises join the CSGF and they will join Wushu Professional Committee to be set up.It is noteworthy that this is the first time the CSGF incorporates an industry alliance as its branch. This new pattern is bound to lead the sustainable development of the traditional Wushu industry.After the preparatory meeting, both sides will further carry out work according to work plans.

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